Former Head of Sabratha Security Council Detained on Criminal Charges

Former Head of Sabratha Military Council Taher Al-Gharabli has been arrested on Thursday night, the Anti-ISIS Ops Room in Sabratha confirmed.

The Security Ops Room of Sabratha, formerly known as Anti-IS Ops Room, announced that its fighters at the Dahman checkpoint, south of the city, captured Al-Gharabli and immediately hand over him to the unit’s headquarters.

According to a statement released by the unit, Taher Al-Gharabli who allegedly has a strong connection to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group has been accused of a number of criminal cases.

“He is supposed to be transferred to the military prison in the neighboring city of Sorman,” statement reads, adding that “members of the Ops Room treated Al-Gharabli well in accordance with the law without exposing him to any violations or ill-treatment.”

Yesterday, some local media reported that an armed group kidnapped the Brigadier General Tahir Al-Gharabli while he was taking his son to school.

Libya To Extradite The Brother of Manchester Bomber Before Year-End

The brother of Manchester bomber Salman Abeidi will be extradited to the UK by the end of this year, head of UN-backed Libyan government Fayez Sarraj said.

Hashem Abeidi was arrested in the capital Tripoli shortly after the Manchester arena bombing in 2017 that killed 22 people. After which, he admitted to supporting his brother to gather all the components of a bomb and assemble it.  As the UK accused Hashem of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion.

Al-Sarraj stressed in an interview to the BBC that Libya was “fully cooperating” with the British authorities and denied that Libya had delayed Abedi’s extradition.

“Sometimes it takes a long time, even in other countries,” Sarraj told the BBC. “We cooperate fully because we understand the suffering of the families of the victims of this terrorist attack,” he added. “We are working together with the British Embassy.”

In November last year, Britain issued an arrest warrant against Hashem Abeidi on charges of colluding with his brother Salman who blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert that left 22 killed and many injured, among them children.

A legal dispute over Hashim’s nationality has delayed his deportation to Britain as he held double nationality – British and Libyan. And it was not clear whether he will be tried in Britain or Libya.

Tukey’s Ruling Party Explained Why the Turkish Delegation Withdrew From Palermo Conference

The Turkish governing party of Justice and Development explained the reasons that had led Turkey to withdraw its delegation from Palermo conference on Libya.

According to the spokesman of Justice and Development Party Ömer Çelik, the Turkish delegation decided to leave the international conference, held in the Italian city of Palermo, in protest of mistreatment that had been accorded to the delegation.

In contrary, there are reports saying that the decision to pull out from the Italian-led conference was made by Turkey after the Presidential Council’s head Fayez Sarraj, Parliament’s president Aguila Saleh and HCS’s chairman Khaled Mishri issued a joint statement that preserve the role of Egypt as a main guarantor of the unification of the Libyan army.

A statement shared their solidarity to continue work on unifying the Libyan military institution under the aegis of Egypt instead of turning over the issue to the United Nations as Turkey was expecting.

Ankara is believed to be as the Egypt’s main rival for leadership in the process of Libya’s army unification. Prior to Palermo conference, Turkey held a vast number of high-level meetings with the GNA officials to discussed the military cooperation between two countries and offered to contribute to the fields such as defense, military personnel training and arming.