16 Militants of Derna’s Shura Council Executed After a Failed Attempt to Surrender

16 militants of ‘Derna’s shura council of mujahideen’ (DSCM) were executed after a failed attempt to surrender to the Libyan National Army, an eyewitness says to Al AkhbarLibya 24.

Al Qaeda-linked ‘DSCM’ has reportedly killed 16 elements of ‘Abu Salim Martyrs’ brigade, the ‘DSCM’ aligned group, which operates in the city of Derna, 160 km east of Benghazi.

Mass execution allegedly came amid reports of Libyan army’s General Command confirming that a number of ‘Abu Salim’ members have managed to leave the city and peacefully surrender to the ‘Omar al Mukhtar’ operations room.

The Commander of ‘Omar al Mukhtar’ Ops room Brig. Gen. Salim al Rifadi unveiled that 13 fighters of ‘Abu Salim’ brigade and ‘Ansar al Sharia’ with the members of their families have earlier left the city and voluntarily surrendered to the LNA forces over the last few days.

He also reaffirmed the Libyan Army’s commitment to provide humane treatment to the militants who give up arms, as well as a fair trial to the accused.

LNA continues the military operation to liberate the city of Derna, which is considered as the last stronghold of terrorist groups in the eastern coast of Libya.


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