Former ‘Muslim Brother’ Heads Libya’s High Council of State

Khaled al Mishri, the chairman of Libya’s High council of State, has admitted that he had ties with ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in an interview to France 24.

Responding to a question from France 24 anchor about whether Khaled al Mishri could cooperate with ‘Muslim Brotherhood’,  the head of the HCS replied:

“I don’t deny that I was a part of the Muslim Brotherhood. But now I don’t represent it. I represent the High Council of State in Libya.”

The interview with al Mishri took place on May 30 in Paris, France. A day after the French president Emmanuel Macron hosted an international conference on Libya which included – LNA commander Khalifa Haftar, GNA Prime Minister Fayez Seraj, head of HOR Aguila Saleh as well as the HCS chairman Khaled al Mishri – in addition to representatives of twenty countries, including Libya’s neighbors, regional and Western powers and international organizations.

The Paris meeting was aimed to put an end to transitional period in Libya and pave the way for the elections in 2018. The 4 rival parties have agreed on adopting the election low by Sept. 16 and holding the parliamentary and presidential elections on Dec. 10.

Click here to watch a full interview

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