Libyan MP: Libya Will Sue Qatar And Turkey In The International Court

Libya will press charges against Qatar and Turkey for supporting terrorist groups in the International Court, a member of the House of Representatives Faraj Al-Shalawi announced in an interview to Al-Ain newspaper.

Al-Shalawi said that the HoR possesses evidence of Qatar and Turkey’s involvement in supporting the terrorists in Derna city, accusing them of providing the terror groups with money, weapons and even food.

Moreover, terrorists captured by the Libyan National Army (LNA) in Derna have confessed that they had been receiving support from Turkey and Qatar, Al-Shalawi added, calling on the international organizations to pay attention to these confessions.

He also said the HoR has lists of terrorists who are currently both inside Libya and abroad, appealing to the international community to cooperate and send these individuals to the Libyan authorities for trial.

Al-Shalawi said that during the terrorists’ rule in Derna the city was “horrified”, accusing the militants of arbitrary executions, abductions and widespread corruption. He also thanked the LNA forces for liberating Derna, mentioning that it’s citizens have maintained contact with the LNA command and provided accurate information about the terrorists whereabouts.

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