United Nations: Libya Is Home To Between 3000 and 4000 ISIS Terrorists

According to a report issued by the United Nations, the number of the Islamic State’s terrorists active in Libya varies between three or four thousand, while their capacity for resurgence is still high.

“The Islamic State has the capacity to launch significant attacks within Libya and across the border, reverting to asymmetric tactics and improvised explosive devices,” the UN report claims, noting that this is all happening despite the heavy losses to ISIS in the city of Sirte as well as ongoing air strikes.

The experts of the United Nations also made a conclusion that Al-Qaeda extremist group is also continuing a resurgence in Libya, moreover its presence appears sometimes much more strong with its affiliates and allies than ISIS’ one.

Al-Motawaset outlet added citing this report that some of ISIS terrorists, who has been operating in Libya for years, had been recently evacuated to Afghanistan.

A large number of Libyan senior military commanders as the LNA spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari and Al-Saiqa special forces commander Wanis Bukhamada, in addition to Bounyan al-Marsousus spokesman Mohammad Al-Ghusri, stressed that Libya’s South is witnessing an increase in terror activities linked to withdrawal of ISIS militants from the coastal areas to uncontrolled Libyan desert.


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