Haftar’s Libyan National Army Is On High Alert In Oil Crescent Region, Surprise Attack Expected In Eid Al-Adha

Libyan National Army troops in Libya’s oil crescent region have been given instructions to remain on high alert.

On Wednesday,  the General Command of Libyan National Army issued instructions to its troops in the so-called Oil Crescent region to remain on high alert, pointing out that terrorist groups launch from time to time surprise attacks on vital targets in the south and west of the country.

In a press statement, the head of the general information office Khalifa Al-Obeidi said that LNA Commander Khalifa Haftar had considered security conditions in the Oil Crescent, which stretches from the city of Ajdabiya in the east to Ben Jawad in the west, in preparation for any emergency or possible offensive, as occurred when the Jadhran-led militants attacked the oil sites in June.

“This instuctions came during the meeting that has been attended by Khalifa Haftar along with the commander of the gulf region and commanders of military units deployed throughout the region,”  al-Obeidi added.

In parallel, Haftar has examined the progress made by the armed forces in defeating the last pockets in the city center of Derna that are held so far by shoura council mujahideen’s militants.

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