Western Tribes Express Support For Tarhouna 7th Brigade

The tribes of western region reaffirmed their support for the 7th brigade of Tarhouna which is part of the official police and army, accusing the militias active in Tripoli of stealing the people’s property.

The delegation of western region’s tribes outlined in a video released on social media that the capital of Tripoli in those days is experiencing extraordinary events that require tribesmen from the west of Libya to unequivocally define their stance.

“Tripoli is the capital of all Libyans,” the delegation insisted, expressing its dissatisfaction that Tripoli’s militias have an impact on stakeholders and decision makers, steal the Libyan people’s property and widely spread corruption in Libya.

The tribesmen demanded all those who belong to the militias to separate from them in a bid to activate state institutions and end the country’s economic and security decline.

They also rejected the shelling of cities and tribes, in particular, the city of Tarhouna, calling for investigation into the incident.

“Libyans live in the most difficult circumstances at political, economic and social levels. Political division is everywhere, insecurity is throughout Libya, as the economic situation threatens to provoke humanitarian catastrophe,” the delegation said.

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