Haftar’s Libyan National Army Closes Its Ranks Before Launching New Offensive in Southern Region

The Libyan National Army (LNA) called all its members in the country as well as abroad to join the armed forces.

On Wednesday, the LNA General Command issued a statement, where it strengthened Khalifa Haftar’s appeal relating to attendance of all LNA affiliates – both military and civilians in the army.

According to the statement, those people who are serving the armed forces inside or outside of Libya and met the conditions of the Amnesty Low 6 of 2015, have been given the last chance to rejoin the LNA.

To do this, they have to get to the military unit nearest to their place of residence until November 11.

“Given that our country is facing challenges in fighting terrorism of all its types which require all Libyans to stand side by side to secure peace and stability in Libya,” the statement reads. “Every person does his part in his line of work, beginning from the members of the armed forces.”

Khalifa Haftar-led Libyan National Army recently started intensifying security arrangements in the south of the country, mobilizing its troops through across the region.

Some observers believed that it seems to cameĀ  in preparation for the new military campaign against African mercenaries who engage in robbery, pillaging and extortion in southern Libya.

Over the past months, a lot of the Libyan officials repeatedly complained about the rise in activity of African militant bands, including the Chadian opposition, profiting from cross-border insecurity.

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