Revitalized ISIS Mounted a Blitz Assault In Central Libya


Libyan authorities affirmed that suspected ISIS fighters conducted on Sunday night an armed attack on the town of Al-Fuqaha in central Libya that left 4 killed and 10 others kidnapped.

The municipality Al-Jufra – the district in central Libya, where Al-Fuqaha town lies, reported the terrorists have withdrawn from the town after terrifying the people and torching the police station.

The head of Al-Fuqaha municipality appealed to all the armed forces to hunt down the attackers and eliminate them, stressing that the situation in the region is very critical and tragic as a result of this attack, according to the information office of the Municipality of Al-Jufra.

The attackers set fire to the police station as well as the headquarters of the civil defense and municipal guard, in addition to the station of the mobile telephone network, which caused the network to break down .

Sources among the local population revealed the names of the young people who were killed, among them were Wael Hamad Sassi, Hassan Ahmed Ahmid Sassi, Abdullah Masoud Zayed, Abu Bakr Ahmed Abdulkafi.

The attack came two weeks after the armed forces arrested ​​one of the ISIS prominent Libyan leaders, Jumaa Masoud al-Qarqai.

The member of the House of Representatives from Al-Jufra, Ismail Sharif, said that this terrorist attack was made for revenge to the arrest of Jumah al-Qarqai and Ali Abdul Ghani Feitouri.

On October 16, two ISIS militants were arrested  in the mountains of Al-Haruj near the Fuqaha town  by the LNA 128th battalion, has began pursuing the attackers.

In the meantime, Ismail Sharif added that other LNA units deployed in the neighboring Sabha district are being dispatched to reinforce the 128th battalion.

In its turn, the 128th battalion led by Major Hassan Maatouq Al-Zadma moved from central Al-Jufra to Al-Fuqaha to adress the situation, pursue the attacking terrorists and attempt to free the hostages.

On August 23, 2017, 10 soldiers were killed, most of them slaughtered, in an attack carried out by the ISIS who come down Al-Harouj mountain to Al-Fuqaha’s gate.


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