Chinese Charge D’Affaires Attempted In Libya’s Tripoli

Libyan media speculated that the Chinese charge d’affaires in Libya was reported faced Tuesday night an attempted abduction in Tripoli.

According to unconfirmed reports, unknown militiamen attempted to kidnap the Chinese diplomat Wang Qimin upon his arrival to Maitiga airport in Tripoli.

However, an other militia didn’t let that happen, sources told the local media.

“The objective was to kidnap the Chinese just after he left the airport and went outside,” a newspaper said, “that appears similar to the kidnapping of former Jordanian ambassador to Libya Fawaz Al-Aytan and others foreign diplomats that were followed by ransom demands.”

In the meantime, the Libyan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Al-Arbub refuted those claims on the kidnap of Wang Qimin in Tripoli airport, by saying he is on good health and is carrying out his duties, as always.

“We directly contacted him [the Chinese charge d’affaires] to ascertain his and all employees of the Chinese embassy’s well-being,” confirmed Al-Arbub.

Nevertheless, the Chinese embassy has made so far no official comment in response to the circulating news about the alleged incident.

The Chinese embassy to Libya has been operating in the capital Tunis since 2014 following a sharp deterioration of security conditions in Libya.

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