Haftar-led Libyan Army Announced It Is Going to Finish the Battle in Derna

LAST UPDATE: LNA is about to liberate the Old city in Derna and finish the battle in Al-Maghar district, 73d Brigade information office reported.

“On the morning of October 30, the military units of Omar Mukhtar’s operations room, under Brigadier Salem Rahil, moved towards the Old City to liberate and end the battle in Al-Maghar,” said 73d brigade spokesperson Al-Manzar Al-Khartoush

“437th infantry battalion also was engaged in the fighting in addition to 210th battalion,  124th company of the 106th Brigade and 276th infantry company of the 73rd infantry brigade as well as Al-Burkan forces,” he added.

According to initial reports, three-hour fighting killed a soldier of the 437th battalion and another from Al-Burkan, wounding eight members of the LNA.

The statement clarified that terrorists holed up in the trenches and underground hatches have suffered huge human and material loss. 12 bodies have been found by the armed forces as well as warehouses of light weapons and ammunition.

The area of ​​the old city, covering less than 200 square km in the Derna’s city center, is expected to be cleared in the coming hours.

Col. Salem Rahil, the commander of Omar Mukhtar, was slightly injured in clashes and  now in a good condition, Al-Khartoush concluded.

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