Over 150 Libyan Media Activists Addressed Collective Note to Libyan Unity Government to Stop Violations Against Journalists

Over 150 journalists and reporters in more than 20 media organizations presented a collective note to the Prime Minister of Libyan government, stressing the need of putting an end to the attacks on journalists and ensure their safety.

This note contained the prominent attacks and violations against journalists in Libya, most of which were recorded in the major cities inside the headquarters and official state institutions, including those incidents that occurred in the presence of government officials and Government of National Accord Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj.

The media activists sent copies of the note to Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and Foreign Minister Mohammad Siyala, pledging for urgent measures to be taken in order to stop these attacks and prevent their recurrence in the future, to protect the freedom of expression and opinion and to defend the rights of media professionals and to save the reputation of the country in this regard.”

The journalists put in the note a series of proved and documented attacks that came in violation of local and international laws, accompanying it by a list of names of alleged perpetrators. The copies of note has been addressed to missions, international organizations and bodies as well as international human rights organizations.

The journalists placed responsibility for their protection on those ones who “were notified in respective fields”, expressed their hopes for serious and effective steps of the executive authorities.

The note also pointed out that “the verbal assault on a group of journalists last week while covering the graduation ceremony of Coast Guard in the presence of the GNA Prime Minister and Interior Minister» significantly deteriorated the situation.

The journalists launched a hashtag ‘journalist is not a terrorist’, declared their boycott of the government’s official activities in protest against the ill-treatment they face while covering events in the country.

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