Former Head of Sabratha Security Council Detained on Criminal Charges

Former Head of Sabratha Military Council Taher Al-Gharabli has been arrested on Thursday night, the Anti-ISIS Ops Room in Sabratha confirmed.

The Security Ops Room of Sabratha, formerly known as Anti-IS Ops Room, announced that its fighters at the Dahman checkpoint, south of the city, captured Al-Gharabli and immediately hand over him to the unit’s headquarters.

According to a statement released by the unit, Taher Al-Gharabli who allegedly has a strong connection to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group has been accused of a number of criminal cases.

“He is supposed to be transferred to the military prison in the neighboring city of Sorman,” statement reads, adding that “members of the Ops Room treated Al-Gharabli well in accordance with the law without exposing him to any violations or ill-treatment.”

Yesterday, some local media reported that an armed group kidnapped the Brigadier General Tahir Al-Gharabli while he was taking his son to school.

About 75 Bodies of ISIS Terrorists Found near Sirte


Libyan authorities have uncovered a mass grave containing more than 75 bodies of suspected ISIS militants near the coastal city of Sirte, formerly the main Daesh stronghold in Libya.

A spokesman for a local force in Sirte Salem al Ameel says a resident reported finding the grave about a month ago on his farm in al Daheir district.

He says authorities believe the remains are of ISIS terrorists because “we can tell from their clothes.”

After Al-Baghdadi message, ISIS Surprisingly Attacked The Security Checkpoint In Libya

After al-Baghdadi message to his followers, ISIS terrorists has launched early today a surprise attack on a security checkpoint of Wadi Kaam between Zliten and Al-Khumus in western Libya. Continue reading “After Al-Baghdadi message, ISIS Surprisingly Attacked The Security Checkpoint In Libya”